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Career Guidance

Commercial Pilot training and preparation is our core focus at Skyhawk. The realities of post training employment are something that has to be fully understood before embarking on this process and with this in mind, we suggest a scheduled meeting at Lanseria with an experienced instructor for an in depth discussion.

Skyhawk has developed a successful training course known as the Career Pilot Program (CPP). The CPP takes the prospective candidate from zero experience to being an employed flight instructor at Skyhawk Aviation, with the proviso that aptitude and willingness to teach others is part of the candidate’s psyche.

Provided the candidate has completed all training at Skyhawk Aviation, including the Flight Instructor’s rating, he or she will then become part of the training team for a minimum period of one year. It is possible to complete the advanced instructor’s rating (Grade Two) within this period, as well as completing the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) exams.